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Patient Testimonials

In the early 1980's a family member had cancer and the doctors (alternative therapy) recommended  cranial treatments from an osteopathic specialist.  The first treatment kick-started a dramatic improvement in the successful recovery process.


In the mid 1990's, after a hard "bonk" on the head which left me dizzy and in pain, I went to one of the many local massage therapists who have taken cranial-sacral therapy training. Unfortunately, I was left in worse condition.  Later, I came to appreciate the physiological/structural/visceral complexity and integration of the body, and determined that only a cranial-sacral osteopathic specialist would ever touch my head in the future.


In late 2015, a mobility issue caused me to fall full force into the floor on my cheek bone. After three days, symptoms of blurred vision, imbalance and brain fog intensified so I knew I needed help.   Searching the internet I found Geraldine Bright's website.  Her bio and her kindness in educating a reader about Dr Sutherland impressed me enough to give her a try, despite a travel time of close to 3 hours.


After my first treatment, the cranial issue was markedly improved, as was, unexpectedly, the mobility issue.  I feel very fortunate to have found her!


It is said:  "If a person cannot explain a subject, then they don't fully understand it". Geraldine has been a lecturer at the Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation of Australia and New Zealand since 1993, therefore she does fully understand all that is involved in this remarkable therapy, and she expertly explained everything she found and worked on during her assessment and treatment of me for which I am very grateful.


Pacific Northwest, USA 

Geraldine, I just wanted to let you know I'm feeling A WHOLE LOT BETTER.  The pain is definitely still there and I was a little skeptical since I'm used to my other Do Dr who is more abrasive, but after I left and got home I was suddenly able to walk, move around, do the normal motions without feeling extremely tight and extreme pain.  Before I came in I could only walk for about a minute or so.  I just got back from the grocery store for over an hour, used the cart here and there but no pain and more strength in my back.


E Liaw

Seattle Washington


Geraldine brings a down-to-earth, gentle approach to her cranial sacral and osteopathic treatments, built upon a strong foundation that includes a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience.


Geraldine does not hesitate to address unusual and complex health challenges. I would highly recommend her expertise;  Geraldine truly has healing hands.

Heather Stump

Calgary Alberta


Our family has had a few unsuccessful results with dentists and orthodontists over the years. This has included dental work where jaw work was needed and improper orthodontic work  resulting in a lot of pain for my sister.  


After a dentist told us that our 8 year old son would most definitely need braces and would need to see an orthodontist soon, we took him to see Geraldine instead. I was hoping that my personal experience with osteopathy as an adult would be even more successful in a growing child.


Our son’s two bottom teeth on the sides were coming in crooked due to crowding. They were sitting at about a 45 degree angle to the teeth beside them.  After the second treatment with Geraldine, we could see an immediate difference in how his jaw looked when he jumped off the table.


After about 4 weeks the two crooked teeth were much, much straighter. The third session, we saw movement again in the teeth after about a week. We are absolutely thrilled that there is such marked improvement in our son’s bite and jaw.


We have not taken him to the dentist yet for his check up, but my guess is he won’t need braces any longer, or if he does, it will be for a very short time. Geraldine is a very knowledgeable and naturally talented therapist and she is very, very good with children.


If our parents had known in our childhood what is available for therapies now, osteopathy would certainly have been our first choice.  
Janine Mitchell



When I discovered Geraldine with her vast expertise in Cranial Sacral treatments she was joining the Osteopathic clinic I attended in Calgary.  I knew intuitively this would be a healing experience for my injuries.  I had a number of head, neck, face, and back injuries from sports and car accidents, and wanted to ensure my long term health.


Her healing hands and professional and gentle mannerism worked wonders for my entire body as we worked to release many old physical patterns. I'm beyond grateful for her healing talents and expertise in her field and highly recommend her with 2 thumbs way up! 

Ashleigh W

Calgary Alberta



I have chronic neck, back and hip pain. I have tried everything including seeing several chiropractors and massage therapists.  Nothing seemed to work until I met Geraldine.


I felt better immediately after my first treatment. She quickly and painlessly relieved my pain and discomfort.  And the best part about her treatments are that they last.


Also, she can solve such a wide variety of problems why wouldn't you visit her. It's like one stop shopping! You will no longer need to see a variety of practioners to solve all of your ailments!

Jill F

Calgary Alberta



I went to Geraldine for pain in my neck, shoulder and upper back. I had previous injuries, such as whiplash, that would get aggravated and cause me great pain.  When I went to see Geraldine, I had re-injured this area, about 8 months prior to seeing her, and had tried many other forms of treatment, chiropractor, physiotherapy, etc.


I was starting to believe that nothing was going to help me and that I would have to endure this pain forever. However, after just one session with Geraldine, I felt relief and better than I had for a long time.


After about 6 sessions, I felt 'cured'. I can now do things, such as play golf, pain free. I would highly recommend Geraldine and am so grateful for what she has done for me.

Gail Dawson

Calgary Alberta



Seeing Geraldine has been an amazing experience for me. I had a chronic 8 year hamstring problem that is now completely resolved. I gained insight into other body systems as well. I would very highly recommend Geraldine as an osteopath.

Margaret Lindsay

Calgary Alberta



Geraldine is a gem of a person to get to spend time with , but more importantly for me she is an incredible gifted healer.  Her ability to know what's going on with my body always impresses me, and the experience that I had after multiple treatments in close succession was nothing short of phenomenal.  I've never felt my body work so effortlessly and fluidly, with all systems flowing in harmony like that.

Jim Barnum

Vancouver Canada



I required a highly skilled, knowledgeable and caring Osteopath for my special needs daughter and I certainly found that in Geraldine.  After each session with her I can definitely say it helped with my daughters sleep, amongst other positive health improvements.  


Through the years I have tried numerous health care professionals and I can honestly say Geraldine stands out from the rest !

Lyn G

New Zealand



This is a testimonial about Geraldine Bright whom I met 15 years ago. I was carrying my son who was a baby at the time, when I slipped over and took the full impact of my fall through my elbow, neck and right arm.  


Weeks of continuous headaches and absolutely no ability to use my arm followed.  I then got a referral from my doctor to see an osteopath who does cranial work.  I had heard a lot about their work so was keen to give it a go.


Fortunately for me I was referred to Geraldine and after the first appointment my headaches stopped immediately.  It took a few sessions to get my arm completely right but I have never had any trouble or ongoing treatment for my injury since.


My husband worked as a shearer for 20 years plus and as a young man at the age of 37 his body was not in good shape due to the hard physical job.  I persuaded him to see Geraldine, she helped him tremendously, releasing all the tension throughout his whole body, and his mobility began to improve 100 %.


We live a farming life which is physically demanding so we have to be in top shape to get through our days.  We do this solely through maintenance visits with our wonderful osteopath (cranial sacral therapist).  Geraldine has also worked on my children for many years.


I love the fact that there are no invasive procedures, just the cranial work that realigns the body back to its natural state.  It is still truly remarkable to me how it all works, but all I can say is it does, and I am very grateful to her.

Julie Chadwick

Mark Rose

Stella and Jon

Taumarunui New Zealand



Geraldine treated my whole family, myself being nearly 70 years old for back and joint problems, my wife for sciatica (relieved in two treatments), her daughter for a range of problems mostly relating to child birth, and her granddaughter for slow growth and an eating disorder.  


The other granddaughter was treated for problems resulting from ear infections and the baby boy to stop his constant crying  because of reflux.  The results were surprising and outstanding.

Murray Bindon 

Hamilton New Zealand



In the year 1999  I suffered a very debilitating painful attack of pseudocystic pancreatitis which left me fighting for my life.  After ten weeks in hospital I felt so tired and depleted of energy.  I wondered if I would ever recover.  I was prescribed very heavy amounts of pain killers just to cope with day to day living.  


I had been an active 56 year old with the most positive attitude to life before the attack and now my doctor gave me a very grim outlook to my future regarding my recovery.  I looked for an answer to the problem, pain killing drugs was not the way I wanted to go.


Dr Geraldine Bright, an osteopath in New Zealand, was recommended to me.  She treated me with cranial therapy and within weeks my pain was under control, my appetite returned, my strength was regained to a point where I could function without fear of eating, knowing I would suffer great pain when I did eat.


Although I have suffered two more attacks over the years they were never as bad as the first one and each time Dr Bright would treat me speeding the recovery.  My medical doctor was astounded and delighted with my recovery.


To think I could still be a very sick person.  I now have the understanding that Dr Bright gave me the most precious gift a person can be given, that is a HEALTHY LIFE !


I truly believe, looking back on all this, that Dr Bright was very instrumental in my recovery. I am now a very greateful happy 69 year old with a future.

Ellen Lye

Hamilton  New Zealand



I started seeing Geraldine when I was 11 years old as I was having issues with mild seizures. Having tried other therapies without success, my mum was referred to take me to see Geraldine.  


After the first treatment I had significant improvement.  The problem had stemmed right back to my premature birth.  Since seeing Geraldine I have not had any further issues with that problem.  


I continued to see her over the years when I needed to as nothing else gave me the relief and alignment that I needed.  In my 20's I suffered a broken tailbone and a few months later a severe facial injury in which I lost my front teeth and fractured my  nose.  That sort of pain I wouldn't wish on anyone !  


As I was living 5 hours away I never thought to see Geraldine until one day the pain was unbearable so I called her and drove up.  The almost instant relief was amazing.  I continued to make the trip weekly for a while and my improvement was awesome!


Anyone I have recommended to see her have all had similar experiences.  I can't say enough about this wonderful lady, she has changed my life.  I certainly wouldn't be the person I am today without her.

Mary Robinson 

New Zealand

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