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Treating Babies 



Babies growth and development starts right at conception and correlates directly to mother's health and well being. Healthy mom, healthy baby.  


Even prior to becoming pregnant it is advantageous for both mom and dad to be in the best health possible as this creates healthier sperm and eggs.  This gives the new baby the best chance at good health.   At least you can say you did your best!


Cranial sacral therapy can help by reducing any obstructions to good blood flow by balancing and aligning your body so its a great time to get a checkup and treatment.


During pregnancy with the extra abdominal weight and ligament laxity of pregnancy mom can get strains in her back and neck which can be relieved by treatment.  Treatment also helps baby find a comfortable position.




As baby grows its head can get compressed in mom's pelvis, or under ribs in breech positions, which can restrict baby's cranial bone position and movement and also affect its head shape.


During a natural birth often baby has a difficult descent through mom's pelvis which can affect cranial bone alignment  and twist the cranial dura and spine also.


Since the cranial nerves exit the head through bone, it is important that the bones are lined up correctly or the result can be colic, reflux, hard to burp, poor sleep and more.  Babies back, hips, shoulders and even jaw position benefit from treatment after delivery.  


Bring baby in for a checkup and treatment after birth is recommended.




A caesarean birth has its own set of conditions needing treatment.  Birth is meant to compress baby's head causing overlapping of the bones and pushes all the cerebral spinal fluid down the spinal cord, thus nourishing the whole nervous system.


As this doesn't happen in a caesarean birth, baby's tissues have to compensate for this and cranial treatment can help normalize the tissues.


If all is going well, healthy settled babies can be brought in for a checkup when mom and baby are feeling up to it.  It is ideal to bring them in within the first few weeks if possible so that their bodies and head can be checked for any adverse effects of the pregnancy and delivery and treated.  This helps prevent problems that may occur as they grow.


If your baby has any of the problems listed below bring them in as soon as possible so that they can be assessed, treated and helped.



Some conditions that treatment can help are:


  • crying, irritable unsettled baby

  • feeding difficulties

  • colic, windy baby

  • hard to burp

  • poor sleep patterns


  • regurgitation of milk (reflux)

  • failure to thrive

  • ear infections

  • mucusy eye  (yellow, green or clear mucus in eye)


  • Plagiocephaly  (asymmetry of head)

  • constipation or runny stools

  • eczema

  • having a ventouse or forceps delivery

  • reduced neck rotation

  • head leans to one side


  • brain injury

  • delays in physical and mental development

  • Down's Syndrome

  • consequences of birth trauma





babies enjoys treatment

back of head is flat


discharge in right eye

discharge in eye can't lie on back of head because of its shape so head rolls to left

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